Post Production and Finishing Services

During and following production, inspection and quality assurance measures are critical. We go above and beyond the standard measures to assure quality is built in from the beginning. See our certifications here.

Additional Post Production Services

Microdyne has long understood that our customers also need additional services following the actual manufacturing to create overall efficiencies and save costs. We create additional value for customers  to provide a variety of services to assist your supply chain issues with internal and approved external suppliers. 

Part Decorating

The addition of a colorful logo and company message helps to bring personality to each product. This can help to increase sales, enhance identity, and visually stimulate interest. Our clients know they can come to us with a sketch or a detailed design and walk away with a complete product.

Post Molding Machining. 

Precision Gate Removal when necessary.

Post Production Assembly.

Using in house and approved suppliers Microdyne can assist customers with certain assembly options such as combining several parts to form a larger part or finished product ready to ship. These services add value by lowering shipping and manufacturing costs to the customer. Microdyne can also do some types of packaging of finished products.

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