Scott Brown Named President of Microdyne Plastics, Inc.

Colton, CA – We are happy to announce Scott Brown has moved to the role of President of Microdyne Plastics, Inc. The announcement was made during a company-wide meeting by past-President, Judy Lopez, who is now Chair of the Board. Ms. Lopez said about her younger brother, “I’m so proud that my youngest sibling of the family is ready and very capable of taking on this role. It gives me great pleasure to see our family continue the tradition as we close in on 50 years in business”.

Scott Brown has three decades of experience in the production side of the business, from process technician to mold-maker. Over the last two years he has added responsibilities in HR, Finance, and company management as he prepares to run the business day-to-day. The Covid Pandemic forced challenges on the company and as an essential business, demand has soared for plastic blow molding and injection molding. Getting resins delivered, people to operate machines, and package product back in the truck has been difficult. Nonetheless, the company has grown through the months and added both blow and injection molding machines to meet the demand.

Microdyne was founded in the 1970’s by Ronald Brown and a business partner. They pioneered micro-molding techniques mostly for the rapidly growing electronics industry in the early days of the business. In the 1990’s Microdyne jumped into blow molding.

The future looks good as well. “With shipping issues in China and the company positioned as a resource close to the market, it allows us to save transportation time and money for our clients”, states Mr. Brown. “Our clients see this value as they re-shore in the US”.

“The company remains in a solid management position as it maintains the family board and has hired additional management talent.” Lopez states, “We’re ready to keep growing and satisfying the needs of our customers.”

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