Ron Brown Legacy Survives as Family Prepares for Plastics Future

Colton, CA – Microdyne recently was honored by a feature article in Plastics News the world’s largest plastics industries’ publication.  Founder Ron Brown succumbed to cancer last fall at 82, still working well into 2015. The company is in good hands with his children who have learned firsthand from Mr. Brown over many years.  While the transition has been underway for years, President Judy Lopez, daughter of Ron Brown, has several new initiatives the management team will continue to implement.

Elected by her siblings as president, two years ago, Lopez will work to get more employees engaged in the leadership of the company, step up sales growth initiatives, and do more cross training of employees.

Along with a new web site, and other online initiatives, they will continue to pursue more collaborative partnerships like several underway that have helped create new products and processes for the future.

Ron Brown was a force to be reckoned with, building a multimillion dollar company over several decades; he was entrepreneurial, while supporting best practices of plastics production and industry certification projects. Ms. Lopez will continue these initiatives while adding several more. “We have been fortunate that the five kids picked up his entrepreneurial spirit to continue on,” Lopez said according to the Plastics News report.

In order of age from the oldest to the youngest, Rhonda Torres deals with legal issues, Duane Brown is vice president of sales and project management, Judy Lopez is president, Tracey Kimberlin handles marketing and human resources, and Scott Brown is the tooling manager being groomed as general manager.

A participant in the American Dream, Brown left his Minnesota home after being laid off from his job as an engineer in the mining industries. He put his then three children in the car and came west, initially working in the tooling side of plastics industry with a partner. Later he started Microdyne, and he took advantage of the growing plastics industry and built the company in Colton, California. After a long career the company will continue to support the family values that helped build his company. We see more good days ahead.

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