Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms – Terms will be agreed upon by Microdyne Plastics, Inc. (MPI) and the customer. Late payments will be charged 1.5% of invoice, and future production may be put on hold for shipping and production.

Quotes – Quotes are good for (30) days, except for material. We reserve the right to requote at the time material prices change. Prices quoted on blow molded products are based on adherence to standard SPI tolerances unless otherwise stated. Prices quoted are for quantities shipped.

Materials – Due to current resin and freight volatility, pricing and delivery dates from the manufacturers are subject to change with limited notice.  We will communicate changes as quickly as they are updated.

Custom Material – Material deposits may be required if MPI is ordering specialty resins, packaging, or colors for custom production. Storage fees will apply to custom material or customer owned materials.

Shipping – All MPI freight shipping is FOB from our facility in Colton, CA, and is set up by, and paid for by the customer. Parcel shipping through UPS or FedEx is paid for by the customer.

Pallet Fees – If product is shipped on pallets, pallets are charged to the customer. We do not accept pallets back.

Storage Fees – Products need to be picked up 14 days from notification of completion. After 14 days, storage fees of $25/pallet will be applied to your invoice for each week pick up is delayed.

+/- 10% – Production runs are allowed to be over or under the PO quantity by 10%.

Quality or RMA – Any quality issues or return of merchandise authorization (RMA) must be made in writing or email to our Quality and Customer Service departments within 45 days of the Invoice. Issues made after 45 days will be the responsibility of the customer.

Taxes – Customer is responsible for all taxes. Prices are based on resale; customers are responsible for providing resale cards to MPI. Tooling cost does not include applicable sales tax. Taxes must be paid per California tax schedule.

Tooling & Molds – Terms on tooling, molds and fixtures; 50% down, 50% upon first article submittal. Mold delivery contingent upon the following and the start date does not begin until all three of these are received:

  1. Receipt of purchase order
  2. Receipt of down payment
  3. Receipt of signed off final / approved prints

Mold Storage – Molds that have not run for 1 year may be charged a $500/yr. storage fee.

Force Majeure – MPI is not responsible or liable for delivery of products due to a Force Majeure.

Change Orders – Changes to purchase orders or scheduling may be charged $100 per line item.

Cancellations of an order – Orders that are cancelled within 30 days of the scheduled production may be charged 10% of PO value and may be required to pay for any materials MPI has purchased on your behalf.  Cancellations made before 30 days of the scheduled production will be charge a cancellation fee of $250 and may be required to pay for any materials MPI has purchased on your behalf.

Microdyne Plastics takes no responsibility or offers any warranty for any secondary operation or printing not performed by Microdyne Plastics.  Flame Treatment has a minimal shelf life that varies by product and secondary application.

Mold Ownership: All molds provided by the customer will require a sign-off on ownership of mold. Any taxes on molds are the responsibility of the mold owner. Molds can be held as collateral on unpaid services.

Written contracts or amendments will supersede these terms and conditions.

Terms of service can change at any time.

Terms updated, 1/10/2023 v6

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