About Microdyne Plastics

In 1975, Microdyne Plastics, Inc. started with 1,000 square feet. Since then, we have grown into our current modern, industrial facility with over 90,000 square feet of space. We operate 3 shifts for 6 or 7 days to meet our clients’ needs.  We are proud to say that our products are all “Made in America”.

Ron Brown founded Microdyne Plastics, Inc. and he lead our team and set high standards until 2015. His academic background includes design engineering and mechanical engineering. He started his career in 1964 designing and working with molds and plastic resins.

The Brown family still runs Microdyne Plastics today, with Judy Lopez having served as President after her father Ron. In 2022, Judy passed the Presidency to Scott Brown.

We are committed to producing the best designs; most efficient tooling and the highest quality injection molded and blow molded components and component assembly, all made in America. How do we do this?

Here are some insights:

Our history has shown that a stable team of highly skilled people with extensive experience is the key. We are proud that our staff members average 10 years or more working for Microdyne. We’ve confronted many issues successfully over the years, and learned things as a result. You receive the full benefit of our expert advice on product design and engineering, which improves manufacturability and cost. This also allows us to take on the tough challenges others often shy away from. Stability and continuity similarly benefits our clients’ operations by eliminating some of their worries. As a result many of our clients have been with us for a long time and for multiple product lines, some since our beginning in 1975.

We invite you to get to know Microdyne Plastics, Inc. to appreciate uniform quality for clearly challenging projects and seemingly routine ones. Our secret is that we know there are no routine clients, and therefore no routine projects!

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