Microdyne Plastics Inc., occupies 90,000 square feet of industrial space centrally located in the Inland Empire in Southern California. Highway and airport access makes it ideal to serve the global market.

Facilities include engineering, mold manufacturing and maintenance, injection and blow molding equipment, warehousing and loading docks.

General List of Equipment

Injection Molding Equipment

We have a complete line of injection molding machines ranging from less than 1 oz. to 30 oz; 3 tons to 500 tons. We own extensive accessories for sprue and part extraction, pad printers and insert loaders.

27 Injection machines ranging from 2 tons to 365 tons, less than 1 once to 30 ounces

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Extrusion Blow Molding Equipment

We have a complete line of blow molding machines with single, dual, triple and quad heads. We have two stage stretch blow molding machines, and accessories for trimming and leak detection.

9 Continuous blow molding machines

1 Two stage stretch blow molding machine

*For complete listing please call or submit a quote form

Several 2-Stage Stretch PET blow molding machines

Molding/Engineering Equipment

We have complete facilities for engineering and tool construction for injection molds, blow molds and stretch blow molds. Our tool room facilities contain Cincinnati Milacron Arrow 500 and 3 Axis CNC capabilities, autoCAD and 3-D capabilities and C–mold flow analysis.

Inspection Equipment

Complete ISO certified inspection department

End-to-End Plastic Manufacturing from Design to Delivery

We make a great partner for wholesalers, manufacturers, and consumer product companies with limited manufacturing capability. We also support manufacturers with changing production volume needs.

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