Microdyne Adds Two New Injection Machines

As we close out our fiscal year 2022, we’re excited to report some of our accomplishments even with the past few years of Covid. In our injection molding department, we invested in innovation and the ability to add more automation with two new injection molding machines.

Our New FCS FA-470

FCS-470 injection molding machine

We are named Microdyne, since we started and grew out of smaller and medium sized injection molding machines, but could be call “Macro”dyne with this new FCS FA-470, which is our largest machine to date and will allow us to run larger molds.

  • Do you have large molds and need our FCS specs to see if we can run your product?
  • Fully digital with hybrid electric/hydraulics, we can run client projects with more control and quality.
  • Energy efficient, quite as a mouse, we barely know it runs, helping meet sustainability goals.

Our New Toyo Si-250-6s

Toyo Injection Molding Machine

We have added this mid-sized Toyo machine that adds to our 200-300 ton range of capabilities, which has been the largest need in injection molding for some time.

  • With a 17.5oz shot, perfect for the majority of molds we run.
  • Super-efficient, better quality and the newest technology.
  • Highly controllable processing.

If you need any details about these new machines so you can match your molding needs, please reach out to any of us on the Microdyne team.

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