Stretch and Extrusion Blow Molding Services

Microdyne Plastics, Inc. offers full service blow molding capabilities for:

  • Extrusion blow molding
  • Stretch blow molding

Blow molded containersMicrodyne has the ability and expertise to create and develop blow-molded containers and associated injection-molded components of almost any size and shape for packaging or promotional programs, from inception to destination. We can design packaging for you or work with your unique packaging. Standard container sizes range from 5ml to 2 gal.
We design and manufacture:

  • Sports Bottles
  • Promotional Bottles
  • Juice Bottles
  • Personal Care Bottles or Jars
  • Medical Fluid Collection Containers
  • Vitamin Bottles
  • Condiment Containers
  • Pharmaceutical Containers
  • Fast Food Syrup Containers

blow molded bottlesPrecision in blow molding manufacturing is critical for a variety of reasons. One is that these products must work with caps sourced elsewhere. Another is that scrap is expensive, so from fabrication to decorating, the process must work precisely as designed and budgeted. Our capabilities begin with support of your product design to help you achieve manufacturability and the best-cost point. We then also provide Mold Design, Tooling, Mold Fabrication, Processing, Clean Room Manufacturing, Quality Control, Assembly and Packing and Shipping as required.
Microdyne works with all the major types of resins for blow molding:

  • PETE or PET
  • HDPE (including custom formulations for biodegradable additives)
  • Polypropylene
  • ABS
  • LDPE

print dryerFor your convenience, Microdyne also offers secondary operations such as:

  • Shrink wrapping
  • Bottle assembly
  • Adding inserts
  • UPC labeling
  • Drop shipments
  • Special packaging

Let us know your special order fulfillment requirements and we’ll work with your budget and timeline.

Our competitive advantages include ISO 9001:2008 certification and (FDA) Device Manufacturing License from the California Department of Health Services, Food and Drug Branch. We are also a licensed medical device manufacturer.



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