5 Characteristics of a Reliable Custom Plastics Manufacturer

Most companies that have manufactured products need the services of an excellent plastic injection mold company to fabricate parts for their goods. These parts have to be carefully designed and built to exacting specifications to meet the needs of the end user. For most companies, finding a great company to create these parts should be a major concern.

Characteristics to Look For

The plastic injection mold company that is used to make parts for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or end user is an extension of the two. The finished products are only as good as the parts they are made of. Theinjection mold company is therefore a vital part of the fabrication process.

The following are five traits that a competent plastic injection mold company should possess:

  • Personnel – In particular are in-house engineers. These engineers can work with the end-user to help develop or improve components. These professionals can troubleshoot and give advice to help design and build a better component and a better finished product. Good long-term regular employees that know their craft well are valuable to the end product.
  • Manufacturing techniques – The molding company needs to be able to meet expectations not only right now but into the future. A variety of methods used by the plastic injection mold company gives peace of mind that they will be able to handle projects in the future. The more jobs the maker can perform the more valuable they are.
  • Manufacturing capability – The mold company should be able to work round-the-clock. It is inevitable that a rush job will occur from time to time. The ability to work 24-hours a day will be a much needed attribute at some point in the design and build process. Companies running only one shift may not be able to handle larger or unanticipated orders. Microdyne Plastics runs 3 working shifts per day, 6-7 days a week.
  • Customer service– Of course, this is the name of the game in just about any industry. And the same is true for a plastic injection mold company. It is always best to check a company out first hand. Did they answer the phone quickly? Were they able to answer questions they were asked? If not, were they able to find someone who could answer questions? Were they nice and friendly? Customer service is a key indicator of the culture of a company.
  • Facilities – Does the plastic injection mold company have more than one facility to manufacture their goods? The concern here is that a fire or industrial accident could shut a plant down. The ability to produce an end product could be vitally affected by the mold company being shut down for a time. Microdyne Plastics operates over 90,000 square feet of space and continues to grow. Another factor is location. If a manufacturing facility is located halfway around the world, production schedules for the end user could still be adversely affected. Microdyne Plastics is conveniently located in California, so it is encouraged to manufacture domestically to cut down production time, especially if there is a strict deadline for a product. Manufacture your product in the USA!

The plastic injection mold company is a vital part of the manufacturing process. The components they produce go into products that companies use for their business (plastics for bottles and containers, plastics for medical devices, and plastics for electronics and aerospace). As such, the mold company is a key part of the overall fabrication process.

In order for business to proceed smoothly, the plastic injection mold company has to have certain characteristicsthat the OEM or end user can check and verify. This will ensure an orderly production of the products the end user sells. The fact of the matter is simple; the importance of the plastic injection mold company cannot be overstated. Microdyne Plastics has been a trusted plastics manufacturer since 1975. Learn more about us here, or request your quote now.

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