Plastic Molding for Custom Plastic Containers

The vast design possibilities of plastic molding changed the face of production for many industries including medical, automotive parts, foodservice and just about everything in between. Beyond the pieces and parts made from plastic molding, the greatest impact could be seen in the advances made in the manufacture of custom containers.

And everybody needs a container, right?

How a container takes shape with plastic molding

Basically, a mold that is the inverse of the container is created with molten plastic. Depending on the end use of the container, the mold will be filled with high-density polyethylene, linear low-density polyethylene or copolymer plastics. Anything from FDA Grade products to lower quality storage containers can be developed with a high level of precision. Plastic injection molding allows designers and engineers to work closely with tool and die makers to develop exactly what’s needed from design through production.

Containers as business boosters

As plastic molding became a pervasive manufacturing technique it opened doors for smaller firms looking to distribute their products more effectively. The lighter weight plastic materials cut transportation costs while production costs were reduced thanks to reduced cycle times and time spent on designs. For the manufacturer, they gained the ability to produce smaller and larger runs.

The smaller businesses also gained the leverage of creativity by designing packages that would be visually appealing to the end customer.

Bottles, tanks, cups, buckets and more

Today a single producer of containers, using plastic molding, can offer bottles with differing sizes and stability then turn around and deliver a heavy duty plastic tank to an industrial client. All they need to grow their container business is a skilled team of designers and tool makers. They can supply products for health and beauty, automotive, beverage, medical, chemical and more as long as the specifications are met.

The environment matters

While it’s true that not all types of plastics are recyclable, plenty can be easily recycled and repurposed. Once again, the plastic molding process can accommodate this need because of its versatility. Just use the correct material and your plastic container won’t need to end up in the landfill. Further, the majority of waste management companies offer pickup of these materials and make it very clear which plastic containers can be recycled and which ones cannot.

Plastic containers literally surround us every day and it’s no mystery why. Their light weight, flexibility, low cost and usefulness make them perfect for countless applications. At the end of the day, manufacturers using plastic molding techniques to produce containers can solve problems for their customers. Microdyne Plastics manufactures custom plastic containers in all shapes and sizes. Learn more about what we can create for you here.

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