The Daily Benefits of Plastic in Our Lives

Imagine every plastic child’s toy never existed, the model trains and plastic dolls that small children often adore replaced by metal or porcelain components. Sure, there was a time not too long ago when plastic toys did not exist, but what a sad world that was.

Plastic offers affordability of everything from household items to children’s toys and just about everything in between. Without the availability of low priced items made possible by local plastic manufacturing, many of the products we enjoy every day would likely remain available for elite classes of persons with the financial resources to purchase them. This is just one of the many daily benefits that plastic affords to our lives.

Blow molded, injection molded and micropresicion manufactured plastics have become a vital component to thousands of products and services we enjoy in our lives, but most of them are likely overlooked. However, imagine how your life would change in a world without plastic. To put this into perspective, take a look at the list below of just a few of the many benefits plastic gives us.

Food: From the Farm to the Table

Food protecting wrappers and containers made from plastic keep food fresh and free of bacteria and other contaminants that could potentially harm us.  When produce is grown, weeds are often kept at bay by plastic linings. The plastic gloves worn by all food handlers also keep us safe from contaminants. The plastic containers that hold many of your favorite foods and beverages often extend the shelf life, making food much more affordable and adding the convenience of fewer trips to the grocery store.

Health and Our Well-being

From plastic heart valves to syringes that delivery life-saving medications to the ill, our medical industry would be very different without the availability of plastics. Many of the instruments used to perform procedures are at least partially made from plastics. Even artificial limbs are available to amputees thanks to the availability of plastic. Implantable polymers are now being used to treat neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.  Even the compounds that make up the blood in our bodies are being artificially developed with plastic ingredients!

Clothing: You Look Marvelous!

Polyester, nylon and Spandex are all materials commonly used to make clothing such as swim wear, jackets and shoes. The waterproof rain boots that protect your feet during spring rain showers are made from expanded PVC, the same material used for much of the modern plumbing in the average home. Blended fabrics make for stronger fibers  that extend the wear and tear of our favorite garments.

Communication and Other Handy Devices

Most of the components in your cell phone, tablet or pc are made up of plastic parts. Without plastic, modern day conveniences that allow us to connect, communicate and share information would be nearly impossible to recreate with the same affordability that is available to us now. What’s more, these products would likely weigh much more, making them much less convenient when carrying in your pocket or bag.

Entertainment and Enjoyable Activities Even Mix with Plastic

The music that we enjoy on our media devices are, of course, made with plastic parts. But this form of entertainment via the use of plastic materials is not exactly a new practice. The first commercially available vinyl record was made by RCA Victor in 1930. Without plastic’s role in the world of entertainment, Cds, DVDs, sporting goods and  the games you enjoy with your friends and family would be much different, if not completely obsolete, if they were not made of plastic.

These are just a few of the many places in our lives where plastic plays a vital role. As you go through your day, consider how often you rely on the plastic around you. Microdyne Plastics Inc. manufactures some of the plastic products that you use every day, even if you may not be aware of it. To learn more about the various products that Microdyne offers, continue to visit and enjoy our blogs.

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