5 Plastic Products We Wouldn’t Want to Live Without

Injection molded plastic products started to be manufactured as far back as 1872, when the first injection molding patent was issued to John and Isaiah Hyatt. Their invention worked like a large hypodermic needle that injected melted plastic into a mold to be cooled and hardened into a plastic product. The Hyatt’s eventually produced such items as hair combs and buttons, reducing the requirement for quantities of metal to make those objects.

Injection molded plastic products have evolved substantially over the past few decades.  The use of these types of products has gone far beyond primarily having only industrial or commercial applications with smaller forays into residential and personal use to extensive and far-reaching usage in our daily lives.

For everything from lawn chairs to plastic car parts to cellular phone bodies, we encounter injection molded plastic products on a daily – if not hourly – basis, every day of our lives. While many items created through injection molding processes are items we take for granted or don’t even notice in our daily experiences, how many times do we consider just how our lives are impacted by these seemingly insignificant plastic products?

Here is an example of 5 injection molded plastic products that simplify our lives (i.e., we would not want to live without):

  • Storage totes and other plastic containers (like Tupperware)
  • Casings and bodies for personal electronics devices
  • Automotive parts and components (dashboards, interior handles and switches, etc.)
  • Bottles of any kind (water bottles, spray bottles, shampoo bottles, etc.)
  • Components for home heating and cooling systems

Many uses for injection molded plastic products can be found in the medical field, for items ranging from syringes to temporary casts to vital sign monitoring equipment. If not for the production of some of these tools, the ability of medical professionals to carry out life-saving or rehabilitating tasks could be significantly hindered.

Another area of use for injection molded plastic products is in industries where fluid containment, filtering, and processing occur. The use of plastics in these industries helps simplify and streamline operations where the equipment may have to be customized to meet a facility’s needs.

Custom fabrication of plastic products can be performed to meet specifications for any company’s requirements, and in many instances, the injection molded plastic products manufacturer will be able to assist a company with developing the best possible schematics for the item or equipment they need. It can then be produced individually – to save on bulk expenses where only one item is needed – or in mass quantities when numerous items with non-standard specifications are needed.

Today, injection molding is one of the most common methods for mass production of commercial and industrial parts, due to the fact that identical items can be produced in high volume.

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