The Precision of Blow Molding and Its Effect on Technology

At the core of blow molding plastics sits the invaluable ability to create and develop parts and containers of any size or shape. We’re talking about components made to order, meeting detailed specifications all at a low cost.

Throughout our country’s industrial history, this has been the type of technological innovation to push the manufacturing business forward.

Blow molding is everywhere
Hey, all anyone wants to do is produce exactly what they want, when they want it and make it cheap. That’s not too much to ask is it? Well, blow molding techniques have taken us a step closer to that dream scenario and it is how the process has revolutionized the plastics industry.

It’s not much of a stretch to say that almost every container or bottle at the grocery store that holds liquid was produced with some type of blow molding production method. Beyond the grocery store, the automotive industry uses the process to make vehicles lighter, cools toys take shape, as well as creating fuel tanks, flower pots and easier-to-carry camping equipment.

Precision in blow molding
This is the most important aspect of blow molding for many reasons. In the case of Microdyne, blow molded products must be compatible with caps sourced elsewhere. Across the plastics industry, advances in design and function have driven the growth plastics into industries such as medical devices, food packaging, as well as storage, sanitation and much more.

Not only have flexible design capabilities revealed more applications for blow molded plastics, they have made the products more manufacturable and of course less expensive.

Saving money with blow molding
Blow molding techniques that produce high quality plastic parts can reduce labor costs and potential for breakdowns as the finished component is basically a single piece. As we all know, a reduction in separate or moving parts leads to fewer headaches with anything.

Companies have also realized significant savings in transportation costs when using blow-molded containers that are lighter compared to glass or metal. Keeping transportation in mind, engineers have also found ways to make blow molded plastics pack more efficiently into vehicles. Lighter containers and more of them equal big savings on fuel.

The future is bright
The increased use of blow molding is driving more and more toward automating the process. Again, this makes production safer and less expensive. The next step appears to be 3D blow molding — a process that can create seamless parts, minimize wasted polymers and crank up the speed to production from advances in precision and the receptacle used.

Microdyne has been a leader in blow molding plastics for more than 30 years. If you believe your business can save money, improve processes and benefit from manufactured plastics, Microdyne can take your project from idea to destination. We can develop containers and components on time and under budget. The first step is contacting our experts.

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