Inland Empire Plastics Manufacturing

The California Inland Empire is a perfect place for plastic molded products. This is because the Inland Empire has the lowest cost for land and buildings in Southern California, and it is located in the center of the transportation hub for Southern California. Finally, the labor cost is lower because the living costs are lower in the beautiful Inland Empire.

These factors give Inland Empire plastics manufacturers a cost and transportation advantage to Southern California and much of the western United States. 

Called Inland Southern California by some, and Inland Empire by most residents, it has powerhouse economy that is the 24th largest Metropolitan economy in the country, at $133 Billion and is home to over four million people1. Compared with all states, the Inland Empire economy would rate as the 33 largest state economy if it was a state2.

The manufacturing and industrial industries together are the largest sector of the economy3. The industrial sector represents goods manufactured, warehoused, and distributed in the Inland Empire. It does not include the construction industry.

Microdyne Plastics Inc.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Blow Molding

In April of 2017 the Inland Empire lead the nation (with San Francisco) with highest annualized employment gain. Prior to the great recession of 2008, the area was frequently the fastest growing economy in the nation, and looks as if it could regain that growth status again soon.

In the Inland Empire, there are over two hundred “plastics manufacturers,” but the plastic industry includes companies the formulate and produce plastic polymers and those that form, extrude, blow and inject plastic into molds to build the actual products. There is a whole group that deals just with films and sheets of plastic, plastic foams, coatings and laminates. In addition companies build and sell machinery for plastic manufacturing and “tool” for the molds for making products.  So the plastics industry is broad indeed. 

Microdyne Plastics specialized in blow and injection molding. Blow molding is used to make hollow plastic shapes such as bottles, jars and other containers. Injection molding is generally used to make solid plastic products such as electonics, medical and automotive products, or parts for larger products. Microdyne also does some basic assembly of these parts for customers.

Inland Empire, CaliforniaGeographically, the Inland Empire is less than an hour from the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and Orange County and about 2 hours from San Diego. This is because the coast of California is actually on the bias (Northwest to South East) so Colton California is strait north of San Diego; not what most people think until they see a map.

This perfect location right next to two major highways, puts Microdyne close the largest metropolitan populations which makes it the largest population in the U.S.,  and the two-main east bound highways to the Southwest US.

Our employees are the beneficiaries of low housing costs and good school systems with over 20 colleges and universities in the Inland Empire.  While most know the coastal areas of Southern California, fewer are aware of the unique Inland Empire area.  We are a half hour from the only east west oriented mountains in the U.S., and can be on the ski slopes or the beach in an hour. The desert and Palm Springs is just 45 minutes away, and we are blessed with some of the best weather in the country, no snow and little rain, (unless you go to the mountains!).

The Inland Empire is a great place to mold plastics.


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