Injection Molded Electronics Parts Manufacturing

Microdyne has over forty years of experience in electronic parts manufacturing and micro-molding.
Most electronic parts today have plastic molded components. The ease of design, inert characteristics of plastic polymers, low cost, micro-tolerance characteristics and flexibility make plastic an ideal material to build housings, connectors and switches. Microdyne Plastics has done small tolerance micro molding since the beginning, providing them with the experience needed for today’s ever smaller electronic component production requirements.

Plastic is an ideal material for products in electronics. It can be conductive or non-conductive plastic resin, and can be combined with watertight seals, is UV resistant and can be used in rigid or flexible applications, in multiple colors, with design capabilities beyond metal and other materials.
Plastic is so easily designed and formed that it can lower assembly costs with the incorporation of snap together self-mating tabs that will interlock without additional clips, staples, screws or fasteners.

Thousands of plastic resin formulations allow plastic products to be designed with characteristics (such as non-corrosiveness and shock protectiveness) not available with other materials.
Plastic is a much lower cost material than alternatives, so the per unit cost is usually highly competitive in larger runs.

As electronic parts are continually reduced in size, micro injection molding and very high molding tolerances provide precision molding that allows high quality while creating smaller parts for smaller products. This is a Microdyne specialty.

Other materials can be molded into the plastic allowing conductive properties. These include small multiple pronged plugs, special pin arrangements and connectors. Overmolding can combine additional plastic material to previously casted, or metal parts to reduce shock or provide even more flexibility.
Examples of electronic injection molding products are: ear phone cables and plugs, LEDs and assemblies, motor housings, electrical relays and switches, sensors, temperature control, ink jet printers, computer boards and housings, cell phone components and covers, electrical conduit, electrical tool housings, and many more.

Sample projects include computer chips imbedded in plastic with dozens of pins projecting for insertion into another part, 3D circuitry molding, potentiometers, and instrument housings.

Microdyne Plastic cut its teeth on micro injection molding for the electronics industry. We bring experience and expertise to the transaction, always mindful of your specifications, tolerances, time tables and cost. Whether you need another supplier for existing tools or need a re-tooling to improve your assembly efficiency or update design, we’d like to talk to you about your upcoming project. Just provide some details on our quote form below or call a plastics expert at (909) 503-4010 between 7:00Am and 3:00PM Pacific Time.

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