Automotive Injection Molding

The obvious reason to use plastics in automobiles is to reduce weight to increase gas mileage. This will continue for the foreseeable future. However, advanced plastics and composites also allow car designers another level of creativity unavailable in steel and aluminum.  

The average car in 2020 will contain over 700 pounds of plastics, up from 450 pounds in 2015 according to iHS Markiti. Some of these include: 

  • Auto Interiors-Dash board components, such as sound systems, storage systems, buttons and dials, dash boards and gages, trim, air systems 
  • Exterior plastic components, Louvers, Paneling Bumper/Fender, Mud Guards, Lighting, Wheel Covers, Door Panels 
  • Under the Hood plastic components, Cooling Systems, Fan covers, Electrical Covers, Window washing systems 

Today complete door interiors are molded from plastic and fitted into a metal (or plastic) door shell. Comfortable, durable and aesthetically pleasing surroundings are possible with a variety of plastics and their different properties. Use of plastics can cut costs, reduce weight, lower labor for fabrication, increase manufacturing speed.  

Many products are produced for the auto factory by sub-contractors, we work with these companies to provide parts for a variety of products that end up in cars. Here are a few examples: 

  • Dashboard and optical communications parts, including dashboard, plastic electrical components for companies like Hewlett Packard and Stanley Electric.  
  • Air bag assembly components- injection molded with metal inserts. 
  • Blow molded seat belt covers 
  • Transmission parts and electrical connectors insulators for ITT Cannon and others.  

Microdyne has participated in this industry for four decades. Starting in the electronics industry we supplied injected plastics for auto electronics, as well as dozens of other injection and blow molded plastic products over the years.   

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