Micro Injection Molding Products

Micro Injection Molding is a specialty of Microdyne Plastics.  

Plastic Injection molded products include a huge array of items in every home, office and automobile. Blow molding is used for most plastic bottles, but most other plastic items are made using injection molding. They represent a huge number of the items we use and touch every day.  

Over the years, as the electronic, computer and now smart phone innovations have occurred, the need for ever small plastic parts, and plastic molded with other materials, has increased. 

Today, parts as small as a grain of rice and weighing a fraction of a gram, can actually be molded into unique shapes in plastic. These parts can be a product or parts to larger products that must fit together with very small tolerances. Microdyne has developed these skills for micro injection molding for over forty years.  

How Small is Micro? 

Parts today push the limits regarding weights and thin walls. The tolerances to these dimensions can be plus or minus .0005 inches.  

What the human eye may think is a speck, down to a poppy seed size, can be tiny gears, bobbins, sensors, gaskets, rollers and lenses. Within these products can be smaller features such as pins, pin holes, channels and snap type latches that can snap together.  

Naturally the issue of size can require some challenges to be overcome. The runners and sprue systems can be as much as the largest part of the material used (some say three-quarters of the size). This means much more waste is developed making the part that is in the part. Small parts may require higher pressures and speeds to push liquid resin through the micro channels.  

Handling very small parts can be tough too. Drafts can blow products on the floor and picking one up may require tweezers. Special handling, packing and post production assembly can require additional special considerations.  

Still these special requirements are in demand for many downsized products that need to be part of smaller total products.  

Here are just a few products that Microdyne Plastics can make for your company: 

  • Very small medical devices and small parts for other medical equipment. 
  • Electrical boxes, switches and switch covers, and wire connection screws 
  • Small electronics used for computer chip mounting, circuit boards, small parts for other electronics. Tight tolerances for small parts requires micro molding expertise.  
  • Office items: paper clips, push pins, ink pens and stacking trays are injection molded. 
  • Tiny cogs for clocks, wind-up toys, and mechanical uses. 

Call Microdyne or fill out a quote form to start a conversation about how we can help your company build custom micro injection molded products.  


Other Injection Molded Products 

Electrical connection screws and junctions: Most homes have plastic throughout the electrical system made using injection molding methods 

Office items: paper clips, push pins, ink pens and stacking trays are injection molded. Just look on your desk and in the drawers. Most of these items are made using injection molding 

Pipe junctions and boxes 

Computer cases, tracking mouses, cable ends 

Window air conditioner fronts and controls, appliances, and certain types of light fixtures.  

Tiny cogs for clocks, wind up toys, and mechanical uses 

Toys of every description and purpose 

Kitchenware plates, cups and forks, spoons and knives in plastic 

Automotive interior pieces, bumpers and under the hood parts 

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